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    Defending Fayette County’s Ban on Fracking Waste Injections

    We’re helping Fayette County, West Virginia’s top whitewater destination, defend itself against the potentially hazardous byproducts from fracking.

    Just last month, the County passed a ban on the disposal, storage or use of oil and gas waste within its borders. The ban would prevent injection of fracking wastes county-wide, keeping the waste from leaching into the County’s water. Despite » Continue Reading. Continue reading

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    Groups in Two States Challenge WB XPress

    On behalf of conservation groups in Virginia and West Virginia, Appalachian Mountain Advocates today filed a formal protest and motion to intervene in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s permitting process for the WB XPress, an $850 million natural gas infrastructure proposal from Columbia Gas Transmission.

    The project consists of two new compressor stations, 26 miles of pipeline replacement, and » Continue Reading. Continue reading