Appalachian Mountain Advocates has two major program areas:

Environmental programs

We work to hold industry and government accountable by serving as a watchdog: State environmental protection agencies in Appalachia are notoriously underfunded and over-politicized. Appalachian Mountain Advocates works to strengthen environmental lawmaking and enforcement by bringing precedent-setting litigation designed to limit the destructive effects of polluting and extractive industries. In addition, we work to ensure that the federal and state agencies perform their responsibilities to enforce the law. Read more.

Sustainable economy programs

Promoting an alternative future for Appalachia: For generations, resource extraction has driven public policy in our region. Yet the communities in the most resource-rich counties of the region are among the poorest in the nation. We develop policy proposals designed to right the inequities and propose alternative policies to allow sustainable economic development in the region. In addition, we own and operate The Spring, a farm-to-table restaurant that is part of a larger project devoted to enhancing the market for sustainable agriculture products produced by local farmers. Read more.

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