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Mountain Valley Pipeline opponents win a round in West Virginia

Pipeline company communication gaffe provokes Giles County lawsuit

Groups settle pollution suit with landowner, file new mining complaint

Greens sue EPA over mountaintop removal mining

Alpha agrees to curb mine conductivity pollution

Landowner rights vs. public need in battle over pipeline route

Agency ordered to release pollution data

Raleigh Co. lab can stay open; hearing set for December

Lab official admits he faked water samples to help coal companies skirt regulations

DEP facing lawsuit over access to mining data

EPA wins another round on Spruce Mine veto

Patriot Coal to phase out mountaintop removal 

Patriot Coal says it will phase out, end mountaintop removal coal mining in Central Appalachia

OVEC hopes Patriot’s turn from surface mining creates jobs

Mining causing widespread water damage, judge told

Boone mine operator agrees to permit delay 

Patriot Coal agrees to major selenium clean:

CONSOL agrees to clean up conductivity pollution from a valley fill:

Report: States’ Coal Ash Regulations Inadequate:

Survey: Most voters in 4 regional states dislike mountaintop removal:

People back strip mine rules:

Poll: Voters don’t like blasting mountains for coal:

Poll shows public opinion in Appalachia against mountaintop removal: 

Poll shows opposition to mining:

Protecting neighbors, not contributors:

DEP denies petition to declare Blair Mountain unsuitable for mining:

EPA review of mountaintop removal permits is not a job-killing ‘permitorium’: pushing back at a House Oversight hearing:

Massey, Arch must pay selenium penalties, Chambers rules:

Battles Over Mountaintop Coal Mining Rage in Wake of EPA Veto: