• Dangerous NEXUS Fracked Gas Pipeline Unnecessary

    New Challenge Argues FERC Should Reevaluate Fracked Gas Pipe

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Appalachian Mountain Advocates (Appalmad), on behalf of the Sierra Club, filed a request for rehearing with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) calling for a new and comprehensive examination of whether the NEXUS fracked gas pipeline is necessary. FERC is charged with determining whether or not a » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • Think Progress: West Virginia files to revoke permits for a massive natural gas pipeline

    Great piece on the specific legal problems with the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s now-revoked water permit: “Amazingly, neither DEP nor MVP bothered to calculate how much sediment the affected streams could tolerate or how much the pipeline would add to them,” Appalachian Mountain Advocates’ attorney Derek Teaney said. “DEP never did that analysis the first time around. It didn’t even have the » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • Gazette-Mail: WV DEP concedes MVP permit needs to be ‘further evaluated’

    “We’re pleased that DEP recognized its 401 certification was defective,” said Derek Teaney, senior attorney at Appalachian Mountain Advocates, who represented the citizen groups. “But it’s a shame that it took a lawsuit to get DEP to do its job.” Continue reading
  • West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Agrees to Take a Tougher Look at Disputed Pipeline

    Environmental and Public Health Advocates Secure Crucial Victory Against Mountain Valley Pipeline


    CHARLESTON, WV — Today, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) filed a motion in federal court to invalidate its earlier approval of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). Under section 401 of the Clean Water Act, individual states must certify that interstate gas pipelines will » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • WV DEP vacates permit for Mountain Valley Pipeline

    The latest in our challenge to the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s water quality certification in the Fourth Circuit. We’re representing several conservation groups including Appalachian VoicesChesapeake Climate Action NetworkWest Virginia Rivers CoalitionSierra Club, and the Indian Creek Watershed Association.


    Read the full story here.

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  • Opening Brief Filed in MVP Challenge

    Last night, Appalachian Mountain Advocates attorneys filed the opening brief in their challenge to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s water quality certification for Mountain Valley Pipeline. The group is representing the Sierra Club, West Virginia Rivers Coalition, Indian Creek Watershed Association, Appalachian Voices, and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

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  • Virginia Supreme Court rules in favor of landowners fighting the pipelines

    Today the Supreme Court of Virginia granted an appeal filed by Appalachian Mountain Advocates (Appalmad) on behalf of Buckingham County landowners threatened by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

    The Court ruled in favor of landowners, preventing pipeline surveyors from entering private property without giving landowners notice of the specific date of entry. Appalmad attorneys originally filed this appeal in April 2016, arguing » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • Groups Blast FERC Findings on Mountain Valley Pipeline for Fracked Gas

    A coalition of landowners and advocacy organizations today condemned the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for disregarding the profound and long-lasting human and environmental trauma the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) would cause. In its final environmental review, released Friday morning, FERC ignores the most harmful impacts this 300-mile-long pipeline for fracked gas would have on lives, communities, drinking water » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • Groups Challenge Certification for the Mountain Valley Pipeline

    Richmond, VA — Environmental groups filed suit today challenging West Virginia’s certification for the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would transport fracked gas across West Virginia and Virginia.

    The proposed 300-mile, 42-inch pipeline would cross primarily undeveloped, rural agricultural and forested lands. The project would fragment the heart of one of the largest remaining wild landscapes in » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • This Land: Paris Pullout Won’t Bring Back Coal

    The list of people, institutions and companies upset by Donald Trump’s decision to make the United States walk away from the Paris climate accord is long: 70 percent of the American public according to recent polls, coal companies that wanted a seat at the table, major American companies like Apple, innovators like Elon Musk, finance experts » Continue Reading. Continue reading

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