• Groups Blast FERC Findings on Mountain Valley Pipeline for Fracked Gas

    A coalition of landowners and advocacy organizations today condemned the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for disregarding the profound and long-lasting human and environmental trauma the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) would cause. In its final environmental review, released Friday morning, FERC ignores the most harmful impacts this 300-mile-long pipeline for fracked gas would have on lives, communities, drinking water » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • Groups Challenge Certification for the Mountain Valley Pipeline

    Richmond, VA — Environmental groups filed suit today challenging West Virginia’s certification for the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, which would transport fracked gas across West Virginia and Virginia.

    The proposed 300-mile, 42-inch pipeline would cross primarily undeveloped, rural agricultural and forested lands. The project would fragment the heart of one of the largest remaining wild landscapes in » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • This Land: Paris Pullout Won’t Bring Back Coal

    The list of people, institutions and companies upset by Donald Trump’s decision to make the United States walk away from the Paris climate accord is long: 70 percent of the American public according to recent polls, coal companies that wanted a seat at the table, major American companies like Apple, innovators like Elon Musk, finance experts » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • 4th Circuit won’t block W.Va. stream cleanup ruling

    More good news for clean water! EPA has been fighting Appalachian Mountain Advocates and our partners’ efforts to force federal and state officials to clean up streams contaminated by mining pollution. Yesterday the court ruled such that EPA finally must do something to correct West Virginia’s failure to follow the Clean Water Act. Read the full » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • US District Court Affirms Clean Water Act Protections for West Virginia Families

    CHARLESTON, WV– Today, the United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia found that conductivity pollution from Fola Coal’s Monoc #2 Surface Mine, located along the southern portion of the Leatherwood Creek watershed, violated key state and federal water quality protections. The mine is located in Nicholas and Clay counties and dumps mine waste into valley fills » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • WV DEP chief Caperton refuses hearing on MVP pipeline appeal

    The Justice administration has quietly refused to schedule a hearing on an appeal of a state authorization for the controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline.  The letter was sent to the public interest environmental law firm Appalachian Mountain Advocates, which had challenged the DEP’s authorization. The two-paragraph letter did not state a reason for denial.

    Read the full story » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • This Land: Comey Firing Shows Trump Acting Like A Guilty Man

    The firing of FBI James Comey feels like the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration to me.

    The abrupt firing — Comey discovered he had been fired when the news flashed across television screens while he was talking with FBI employees in Los Angeles — came just one day after former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • This Land: Scott Pruitt Declares End To A War That Never Was

    President Trump and his minions just can’t stop using coal miners as props. Scott Pruitt, head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, trotted them out in a recent commentary in The Washington Times.

    “When President Trump came to EPA to sign an executive order ending the ‘war on coal,’ he was flanked by Pennsylvania coal miners,” Pruitt wrote. “Hosting coal miners » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • This Land: Environmental Protection Agency Workers Are Demoralized For A Reason

    Imagine being one of the employees at whatever agency preceded the Ministry of Truth before Big Brother took over in the novel 1984. Your job at that agency was actually to tell the truth, to get out genuine, useful information to the public you served.

    Then Big Brother takes over, and your job becomes fabricating propaganda to serve Big Brother’s » Continue Reading. Continue reading

  • This Land: Appalachia Knows Well The Pain Automation Could Cause America

    I read and watched a lot of science fiction as a kid, and remember thinking how cool it would be when robots were as commonplace as I assumed jetpacks and flying cars would one day be. Who wouldn’t want Rosie the Robot doing the laundry and cooking dinner? Or the Lost In Space Robot alerting you to danger, Will Robinson?

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