Why We Do What We Do

The current scale of the fossil fuel industry harms the people, land, water and air in our region — and across the world.

Whether it’s coal, oil or gas, extracting and burning fossil fuels poisons the water we drink. It pollutes the air we breathe. It decimates the natural areas we and countless other animals and plants depend upon. And unquestionably, it intensifies the devastating impacts of global climate change.

Only a dramatic shift to clean energy can avert the worst of this mounting crisis.

Yet further investment in fossil fuels is proposed. Allowing that sunken investment would continue to crowd renewables out of the marketplace, blunting the research and financing that could lead to affordable, sustainable clean energy.

Appalachian Mountain Advocates won’t let that happen. For the last 15 years, we have worked hard to fight the coal industry’s attempts at expansion and prevent it from leaving a legacy of pollution.

And we have been successful.

Appalmad has a long history of winning precedent-setting court cases and negotiating costly settlements. We have secured hundreds of millions of dollars towards conserving natural areas and treating polluted water. We have worked to ensure that the coal industry cannot continue to dump its costs of doing business onto the public.

The natural gas industry is next. Some incorrectly view natural gas as a bridge fuel between coal and clean energy. We know better.

Fracking is destroying communities and water sources across Appalachia. Getting the fracked gas to market calls for construction of massive multi-state pipelines that would cut through mountains, prime forests, and private land, leaking potent greenhouse gases like methane along the way.

Every dollar invested in gas is a dollar that would be better spent on truly clean energy production. With the opening of our new Virginia office, we are expanding our focus to fight investment in natural gas, making space in the marketplace for affordable renewables.

We are dedicated to continuing the fight for a clean energy future.