Bankrupt Coal Companies


Photo by Giles Ashford

Appalachian Mountain Advocates has fought coal hard over the years. And we’ve been successful: We’ve won countless court judgments and negotiated consent decrees that require the coal companies to pay millions of dollars toward cleaning up the environmental damage wrecked on our land and water.

Now that the coal industry is in decline, some companies are trying to offload their obligations to clean up the land and water they have polluted. Without our careful involvement, the financial deals hatched in bankruptcy proceedings could undo all our hard work to secure cleaner streams and forests.

Appalmad attorneys are working to ensure that this wave of bankruptcies does not let the coal companies off the hook for cleaning up their mess. We have intervened in the bankruptcy proceedings for several coal companies specifically to protect these clean-up agreements. We’ll continue to make sure that the coal companies cannot dump the costs of doing business onto the public.