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Boom! Boom! in Lewisburg

On November 17, about 70 Appalmad supporters gathered in Lewisburg for an afternoon of music, poetry and fellowship. The Boom! Boom! Fundraiser featured poet Crystal Good and the music of the Black Twig Pickers. It was a tremendous success, and … Continue reading

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The Black Twig Pickers keep old-time music fresh

This is the first in an occasional series of articles and videos highlighting the people and culture of Appalachia. Before he went to law school, Appalachian Mountain Advocates attorney Isak Howell was a reporter at The Roanoke Times. While there, … Continue reading

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Tell us your Appalachian story

We want to help Appalachian residents tell their own stories, to help show the rest of the nation what is happening here and what is being lost in this national energy sacrifice zone. As part of that effort, we’d like to … Continue reading

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What did you think of the CNN commentary?

Did you watch CNN’s documentary, “Battle for Blair Mountain: Working in America” last night? If so, what did you think? While it had its good moments, I agree with a friend of mine who said the emotional weight of the piece was … Continue reading

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Send us your most beautiful photos of Appalachia

Here at the Center, our goal is to protect the beauty of Appalachia from those who would destroy it for profit. Like many other groups that try to get the word out about mountaintop removal and other threats to the … Continue reading

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