Court Orders Fola to Clean Up Stillhouse Branch

October 15, 2015

Contact: Mike Becher, 304.382.4798

Court Orders Fola to Clean Up Stillhouse Branch

Appalachian Mountain Advocates attorneys scored another victory this week when a federal court found Fola Coal Company must clean up water it has polluted at the Stillhouse Branch of Twentymile Creek in the Gauley River Watershed.

Fola, a subsidiary of Consol Energy, has been discharging excessive amounts of ionic pollution into the Stillhouse Branch in violation of the Clean Water Act. Ionic pollution (commonly measured as conductivity) is highly correlated with a stream’s impaired ability to support aquatic life.

Appalmad attorneys persuaded the court to conclude that some form of water treatment is both “appropriate and necessary to remedy” Fola’s pollution.

For years, Appalmad has worked hard to make sure polluters pay for the harm they cause to our waters across Appalachia. Fola’s pollution of the Stillhouse Branch is particularly harmful because it flows into the Gauley River, the key fixture of the Gauley River National Recreation Area and one of West Virginia’s biggest tourism draws.

We will continue to work with the Special Master appointed by the Court to determine the appropriate clean-up solution.

Appalmad represented Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, and Sierra Club in this action.



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