Tell us your Appalachian story

Photo by Giles Ashford

We want?to help Appalachian residents tell their own stories, to help show the rest of the nation what is happening here and what is being lost in this national energy sacrifice zone.

As part of that effort, we’d like to hear from you. Use the comments section below to tell your story of life in Appalachia. Tell us about where you grew up. What life is like there now. Why you left, if you did. Tell us about the beauty, the music, the art, the culture, the environment. Tell us about living in the shadow of a mountaintop removal operation and dealing with the blasting, the dust, the overloaded trucks. Tell us about working for the mines, either underground or up above. Tell us about teaching in the schools, or working on a Main Street that’s seen better days. Tell us what you love about life in Appalachia, and what you hate.

Everyone will have a different story, and we want to help tell them all. Please include a valid email address (which won’t be made public) so we can contact you if we’d like to do more with your story.


  1. Jimmy Hall says:

    Have been fighting KY Dept of Mines & Permits for 10 years trying to claim rights to my family homestead. Was told by the Deane Mining of Deane Ky that I did not own the 250 acres that had been in my family for 5 generations. After investigation and studying the regulations, I now have two cases sitting on the desk of the KY Secretary of State waiting decission on many mountain top removal violations. Consol Coal even transfered my property in 2008 with knowledge that there was an error and approved by the Dept.of Mines. On February 29, 2012 at 9am at the Pikeville office there is an Assestment Conference. They are going to fine them $1,000 for what resulted in the removal of the top of my mountain. This will be at the Dept of Mines office in Pikeville, come help celebrate at 9 am if you can get the work out would be very helpful. Thanks Jimmy and Elaine

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