What did you think of the CNN commentary?

Did you watch CNN’s documentary,?“Battle for Blair Mountain: Working in America”?last night? If so, what did you think?

While it had its good moments, I agree with a friend of mine who said the emotional weight of the piece was centered on Jim and Linda Dials, a surface miner and his wife who spend much of the documentary waiting to hear whether the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will veto the permit for the Spruce No. 1 mine where Jim works.

While the science and the law behind those who oppose mountaintop removal is given plenty of attention, there is not as much focus on the raw emotions of those who have seen their communities whither and die as mountaintop removal operations move in and force many people out.

The documentary also framed the debate, as so many in the media like to do, as one between jobs and the environment – though Chuck Keeney, great grandson of union organizer Frank Keeney, did a good job of countering that. He repeatedly pointed out that underground mines require more miners than mountaintop removal mining. “This isn’t about jobs,” he said. “It’s just not.”

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