Send us your most beautiful photos of Appalachia

Here at the Center, our goal is to protect the beauty of Appalachia from those who would destroy it for profit. Like many other groups that try to get the word out about mountaintop removal and other threats to the people and places of this region, we often feature photos of destruction: denuded mountains blown apart and turned into giant moonscapes, entire valleys buried in rubble, burnt-out towns.

But as we prepare for the launch of our new website, we want to be able to share the beauty of the region as well as sound the alarm about the threats. We want to feature photographs that show how special and inspiring Appalachia is and tell the world what we’re trying to save.

If you’ve got such a photo to share, please send it to us. We can’t offer payment, but we will give you credit. Help us show the world just how wonderful Appalachia is.

Thank you.

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